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 Ukraine 5 AM Coalition 

 A coalition of human rights organizations that collect and document war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the Russian armed aggression in Ukraine 

Coalition goal

Protecting victims of armed Russian aggression in Ukraine and bringing to justice top leadership of the Russian Federation and direct perpetrators of war crimes.

Coalition objectives:


war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during armed Russian aggression against Ukraine


the public in Ukraine and abroad about the grave committed during Russian aggression in Ukraine


victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war through the use of national and international justice mechanisms


effective and well coordinated cooperation of national and international non-governmental organizations in respect of justice related processes


special mechanisms to prosecute top leadership of the Russian Federation for committing the crime of aggression against Ukraine

Areas of the coalition’s work




Awareness raising


Legal aid


National and international advocacy


Target audience

Citizens of Ukraine and other civilians of the country who have become direct victims of and / or witnesses to war crimes, crimes against humanity, gross human rights violations as a result of the international armed conflict

International organizations and international partners

 interested in information about crimes committed during the international armed conflict in Ukraine, or in support for and partnership with the Coalition

Government agencies and law enforcement authorities of Ukraine who take measures to document, investigate, and protect the rights of persons violated by the international armed conflict

Ukrainian and international mass media, public in Ukraine and abroad.

Для кого прцюємо


We are looking for volunteers!

Your help and time will help protect the victims and punish the top leadership of the Russian Federation and the direct perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine.

Ukraine 5 AM Coalition invites all concerned citizens to cooperate. The Сoalition consists of a number of human rights organizations, including those that have been documenting grave crimes and crimes against humanity since 2014 in the occupied territories of the Crimean Peninsula, parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and cooperating with national and international justice mechanisms.

Are you ready to quickly learn how to work with social media to properly search, preserve, and verify international crimes?

We invite you to join our team and help gather evidence for the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights, other future tribunals, and Ukrainian government agencies, including law enforcement.


We invite you to make the whole world know the truth about the worst crimes committed as a result of Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine.

Як долучитися

Who are we looking for?


Monitors / Documentators

Assistance in high-quality recording and preserving evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity, gross human rights violations.



Assistance in processing, analyzing, verifying evidence (including documents, photos and videos, work with witnesses and victims), providing legal assistance and advice.


Media professionals (journalists, communicators, SMM managers, designers)

Assistance in preparing texts, graphics, videos, managing social media accounts, communicating with the media and groups on social networks.

Coalition statements

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